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On Saturday, November 18, 2017, the staff, volunteers and extended community of the Bouverie Preserve gathered to share their stories of the fire, learn about how the Preserve is recovering and celebrate the resilience of our many programs.
Some will say to practice moderation in all things, but we have found an exception to that rule in the tireless dedication to the land shown by Bouverie Preserve Stewards as they recently dug in to help us in the hills above Healdsburg.
For ecologists, resilience is how a system responds to a major disturbance. What species traits give rise to a system that can recover from or resist a major perturbation? ACR’s ecologists and environmental educators work to hear the stories that nature tells and to share those stories.

Audubon Canyon Ranch protects our natural and human communities through land preservation, nature education, and conservation science.

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